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Internet Sites and Tools

Internet Tools and Sites

Infuse Learning—FREE

Teacher Account that allows you to question students and receive digital feed back from Students via the web… (Ipad and laptop compatible)www.infuselearning.com


Evernote—FREE for limited space


Allows you to save notes and docs on the server and access using your Laptop, phone, tablet etc.  www.evernote.com


iCloud, Skydrive, Dropbox—FREE for limited Space

  Stores documents and files in web location for use anywhere.  iCloud—Mac, Skydrive—Windows, Dropbox—multiplatform.  Each have their own unique qualities.www.icloud.com



Remind101.com—Free Safe Texting for teacher to students.

Students sign up to your “room” and then you text them information without them having to see your information and you seeing their information. www.remind101.com

Work Flowy

Free Outlining on the web.  Add #tags to make searchable.



Class DoJo—Free for teachers

Allows you to comment on student behavior via phone, ipad or computer and students can access as well as parents.  Will email parents report. www.classdojo.com

Small Demons

A Website for searching for books with topics that share.www.smalldemons.com

Meograph—Free Account

Four Dimention Story Telling via a Timeline…www.meograph.com



Install bar with several bookmarks on it.—http://fur.ly/

Online Stop Watch




Automated Responses




Free Public Domain Images




Jelly Cam

Stop-motion Maker






Adds Questions to YouTube within the clip to allow exact questioning during viewhttps://www.blubbr.tv/

Sound Cloud


Upload sound or podcast and comment exactly within a recording—www.soundcloud.com

National Archives Experience Digital Vaults





Creates a Aura around a picture that works like a QR Codewww.aurasma.com

Wikimind Map

Brainstorming Topics



Storyboard That


Project planninghttp://www.storyboardthat.com/



Screen Sharing and Online Meeting (2hrs Free per day)http://www.screenleap.com/


Conversation Starters or Journals—http://www.101qs.com/