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John Thomas

“Sometimes with training and hard work, it is very likely you will hate it before you love it. Change occurs when you are challenged and in the end………..you become proud”

Weight Training 2019--Class Rules

  1. Grading- each day is worth 10 points and you will receive a grade every 2 weeks.  This grade is from bell to bell ---effort and following directions.
  2. Groups- You will be assigned a group, focus on your group and your job!
  3. PE uniform is required or ALC
  4. Tardy or phone- ALC
  5. Leaving the gym before the bell is skipping
  6. Do not disrupt other classes
  7. Shirts are to be worn at all times
  8. Absences- your grade declines if you are not here
  9. We will run and perform speed development often
  10. Wednesdays are MILE RUN DAY
  11. Gameday- dress out, the workout might be modified
  12. Everyone has problems, leave them at the door
  13. No Parent notes, only DOCTOR notes
  14. Use the restroom before and after class!
  15. No need to be loud or arrogant, be confident and humble

Sample Class

Sample class           7:50        dress

                                7:55        roll, warm-ups

                                8:05        ab’s, agility

                                8:15        Lift

                                8:25        Lift

                                8:35        Lift

                                8:45        Lift

                                8:50        Speed, conditioning at track

                                9:10        walk back to gym

                                9:15        dress

                                9:20        bell

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