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Cross Country

Cross Country Summer 2017 Workout schedule

Future runners welcome to West Carteret High School. We are excited to have young ladies and young men that are ready to become part of the winning West Carteret Cross Country tradition. If you are a young man or a young lady that is interested in running cross country for us in the fall of 2016 and you have not yet received a workout schedule from Coach Shelton Mayo or Coach Joanna Miller than please download it below or call us as soon as possible so we can start to get you in shape to be successful in our program. Summer training is so important to any great cross country program and it can help prevent injuries during the cross country season You can contact us at shelton.mayo@carteretk12.org or call me on my cell 252-622-0498 or home 252-222-0338. Coach Joanna Miller can be reached at joanna.miller@carteretk12.org or call her at 252-646-5209. Please email or call us if you have any questions about anything, no question is a dumb question. Please have a copy of your current sports physical on file at West Carteret or with you when you come to your first conditioning day or practice. Blank copies of the physicals can also be obtained from the front office secretary at West Carteret High School.

Running and working out on your own should begin in June and we will begin to condition together in July.  Must have current Sports Physical, bring proper gear, and water

Cross Country team practice will start Monday July 31st, 2017 from 5:30PM until 7:30pm and will be every day Monday thru Friday until school starts back and will begin at the track/football field gate entrance near the concession stand and student parking lot. If bad weather is in the area call or text me no earlier than 30 minutes before practice at 252-622-0498 and I will let you know the decision about practice due to bad weather in the area. 

Come on out and be part of the winning tradition!

Cross Country Schedule

For a printed Cross Country only schedule please see the coach, or please visit our schools Google Athletics Events Calender at: http://www.wchs-ccs-nc.schoolloop.com/athleticeventscalendar

You can view the calendar in a day (Agenda), week, or month format

Please remember: Event dates and times are subject to change due to weather, scheduling conflicts, etc..so we recommend that you view our schools Google Athletics Events Calendar regularly and check in with your Coach.


West Carteret’s Top 10 Cross Country Performers at State Championships

2015 Men Conference Champions, 4th Regional, 11th in State

2015 Women Conference Champions, Regional Champions, 6th in State

2014 Men 2nd in Conference, 4th Regional, 12th in State

2014 Women Conference Champions, Regional Champions, 5th in State

2013 Men Conference Champions, Regional Champions, 8th in State

2013 Women Conference Champions, Regional Champions, 3rd in State

2012 Men Conference Champions, Regional Champions, 5th in State

2012 Women Conference Champions, Regional Champions, 7th in State

2011 Men Conference Champions, Regional Champions, 7th in State

2011 Women Conference Champions, Regional Champion, 3rd in State

2010 Men 2nd place in conference, 2nd Regional, 12th in State

2010 Women Conference Champions, Regional Champion, 8th in State

2009 Men Conference Champions, 2nd Regional, 9th in State

2009 Women Conference Champions, 2nd Regional, 9th in State

2008 Men Conference Champions, 2nd Regional, 9th in State

2008 Women Conference Champions, Regional Champion, 8th in State

2007 Men 2nd place in conference, 3rd Regional, 11th in State

2007 Women Conference Champion, 3rd Regional, 6th in State

2006 Men 3rd place in conference

2006 Women Conference Champions & 3rd in regional, 11th in State

2005 Men Conference & Regional Champion, 11th in State

2005 Women Conference & Regional Champion, 6th in State

2004 Men 2nd place in conference

2004 Women Conference & Regional Champion, 8th in State

2003 Men 2nd place in conference, 3rd in regional, 12th in State

2003 Women Conference Champions

2001 Men 2nd place in region


Most of the Changes that a more active lifestyle brings are invisible. Sure, in time you may find that your clothes fit a little differently . If you are new to running, you may find that a distance that once seemed impossible now seems easy. If you are more experienced, you may find that your long runs and speed work are yielding tangible results. But these changes are not the ones that are most important. The changes that matter most are the ones going on inside, where you can't see them. I'm not talking about the subtle increases in the strength of your heart or lungs or legs. I'm talking about the very real changes in the strength of your resolve and your spirit. Each day that you invest in yourself, you are becoming more of what you want to be. By giving yourself permission to dream of new PR's or competing a 5K, you are making sure that there is hope in your life. Instead of looking backwards to the good old days, you are assuring yourself that the best is yet to come. At the heart of the matter, the real changes are in how you think about yourself. By joining the WCHS Cross Country Team you will discover your limitations and then overcoming them, you will Learn to be your own Hero.

Welcome to West Carteret Cross Country! 


West Carteret’s Top 10 

Cross Country Performers

at State Championships


1)  18:31  Blake Dodge

2)  18:46  Emme Fisher    

3)  19:42  Caitlin Dorantich

4)  19:46  Maddie Fisher

5)  20:05  Samantha Schleiker

6)  20:19  Isabelle Baggett  

7)  20:20  Katie Cease

8)  20:34  Kristen Wagner

8)  20:34  Emma Gomez

9)  20:38 Brianne Talob                        

10) 20:45  Cassidy Milosh



1)  15:54  John Crossley

1)  15:54  Jarrett Swearingen

2)  15:55  Ryan Toler

3)  16:23  Michael Carr

4)  16:53  Rod Reeves

5)  17:01  John Michael Harris

6)  17:08  Joseph Ramsay

7)  17:11  James Council

8)  17:13  David Garrison

9)  17:16  Jimmy Waters

9)  17:16  Steven Tulevech

10) 17:18  Hunter Newman