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Teacher Resources

General Educator Resources

ECU Joyner Library Bibliographies and Guides--Has bibliographies for every subject that include print and electronic resources

Class Blogmeister


Rubric Machine


Census 2000


Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Discovery Education--Discovery School--Includes lesson plans, puzzle makers, teaching tools, activities related to curriculum, and much more!

Scholastic Teacher Page--Awesome web activities, book recommendations, lesson plans, etc.

Education World--Information for educators including professional development, administrator information, lesson plans, and technology integration.

Education Resources by Subject or Use

Concept Maps

CMAP Software Download--Download this free software to be able to (and to have your students) create their own concept maps.  You can save them to use later, have students fill in blank maps, or create them as concept reviews for tests and quizzes.  Very user friendly and easy to use!


Gnuplot Software Download--This software is free to download and takes the teacher and the student beyond the capabilities of Excel for graphing and illustrating science and math concepts.  Requires a little instruction from your media/tech friends.

Molecular Modeling

Login page--This site will allow you to login (see Mrs. Mayo for the login information) and actually illustrate an animated model of molecules.  Illustrate what a molecule looks like and how it acts.
Main page for instructions and how to create classroom logins

Math Concepts

Shodor Interactivate Tools and Activities--Interactive Java-based courseware for mathematics.  There are tools (like fraction to decimal converters, surface area and volume calculators, and  conic flyers).  There are also activities that students can complete related to many math concepts.

Satellite Imagery

Google Earth--If you have not seen this site, ask your students to show it to you!  This data can be downloaded and loaded into GIS programming.  You can also get the $400 Google Earth Pro for one year for free as an educator!  See the site for more information.

Terraserver USA--Allows you to type in exact locations and see images.

Digital Libraries

Digital Library for Earth System Education--"The Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE) is a distributed community effort involving educators, students, and scientists working together to improve the quality, quantity, and efficiency of teaching and learning about the Earth system at all levels. DLESE supports Earth system science education by providing: Access to high-quality collections of educational resources, Access to Earth data sets and imagery, including the tools and interfaces that enable their effective use in educational settings, Support services to help educators and learners effectively create, use, and share educational resources, Communication networks to facilitate interactions and collaborations across all dimensions of Earth system education."  DLESE resources include electronic materials for both teachers and learners, such as lesson plans, maps, images, data sets (see teaching with data), visualizations, assessment activities, curriculum, online courses, and much more. Funding for DLESE comes in part from the National Science Foundation

National Science Digital Library--A Digital Library for all areas of science.  Also links to the Computational Science Education Reference (CSERD) Desk in which you can search for data and visualizations by subject and age group.

Hurricane Data

ESRI Canada--Hurricane info for specific significant storms

Biology Student Activities

Biology Student Workshop--"The goal of this project is to promote the use of molecular data in the identification and exploration of biological problems with an evolutionary perspective throughout undergraduate biology curricula. This will be accomplished by providing undergraduate faculty and students access to the powerful state-of-the-art bioinformatics tools currently in use by the research community transformed to afford a cognitively supportive environment."

NASA Education

Classroom Subjects--Includes links to several classroom subjects in which NASA has visualizations as well as lesson plans. . . From Algebra to Careers.

USGS - United States Geological Survey

Science in your backyard--Awesome information specifically for North Carolina.  Includes links to lots of real time data, maps and tools, state contacts, and current events related to North Carolina.

Browse for Science Topics

USGS Educational Resources For Secondary Grades

Middle School and High School--Should definitely check out the "selected popular sites" at the bottom of this website! Includes: water resources, Tsunami data, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Wildfires, coastal storms, the Geology of National Parks and more. . . 

USGS Library--Access to over 300,000 book, map, and serial records in the U.S. Geological Survey Library online catalog. Includes information on library borrowing policies, locations, and a link to ASK-A-LIBRARIAN, an electronic reference service.

Biological Information on the Web—The National Biological Information Infrastructure--The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) is an electronic gateway to biological data and information developed and maintained by the USGS and other NBII partners and contributors in government agencies, academic institutions, non-government organizations, and private industry.

Geologic Information--National Clearinghouse for geologic maps, datasets, and related geoscience information. Includes links to major USGS geoscience databases and programs as well as resources for creating digital geologic maps.

National Water Data—NWISWeb--NWISWeb provides a comprehensive gateway to water-resources data collected at approximately 1.5 million sites in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

The National Map--The Nation’s Topographic Map for the 21st Century—Access to high-quality, geospatial data and information from the USGS as well as Federal, State, and local partners.

National Atlas of the United States®--Explore or download a comprehensive collection of small scale geospatial data from federal agencies.

Geodata.gov—Geospatial-One-Stop--Web-based portal for one-stop access to maps, data, and other geospatial services from across all levels of government, including the USGS. Geodata.gov is a component of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

GIS Educational Resources

ArcLessons for Educators--"ArcLessons is a resource for you to share lessons for using GIS in the classroom. You can browse a list of lessons by category or use the search tools to find lessons in your area of interest. You also can contribute your Lessons or LessonPaks to ArcLessons for other educators to use."

GIS Lesson Plans--A whole page of links of lessons related to GPS and GIS and maps in the classroom.  The main page of this site also has a lot of links to important GIS information for educators.  Including GIS data resources and interactive sites using GIS.

Everything Science

The Science Spot--Includes lesson plans for learning with GPS and more! Science Classroom . . . Science Club Actitivies . . . Technology tips . . . crosswords & puzzles . . . reference center . . . nature center . . . 

Physics Sci-Viz

The Teacher's Lounge at the American Physical Society--Has links to science museums, news groups and list serves.  On the side bar, there is also a listing of physics subjects that have applets and activities for each. 

Virtual Applets and Simulations - all are interactive for students

Precipitation and Cloud Applet--Illustrates how temperature change and other factors affect clouds and precipitation

Hazelwood School District Applets--States that they are physics simulations, but the "collections" also has virtual mice breeding for genetics and more!

Exploring Earth Visualizations--Visualizations from a McDougal-Littell textbook site.

What's my grade--A website that allows students to calculate their own grades and understand weighted averages using Excel.

Martindale's Online Calculators--This site has online calculators for every subject (over 20,000 different calculators).  Students can use this interactive site as a great resource for almost any subject.  Also has "fun" calculators like about birthdays and pets.

Animating Energy Online--Applets relating to physical science including building circuits. 

Another Circuit Simulator

Geometry Applets--Includes a myriad of applets including Angles and Pararell Lines 7 applets, Congruent Figures and Triangles 13 applets, Quadrilaterals and Conservation of Area 10 applets, Similar Figures 9 applets, Circles 23 applets, Pythagorean Theorem 19 applets, Miscellaneous 10 applets.

The Visual Human--The Center for Human Simulation at the University of Colorado has cutouts and actual animations of human organs along with a virtual dissector.  

Medical Animations--This site will allow you to illustate bodily functions, injuries, and the anatomy of a typical cell.