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Ted Kenneally

Fall Semester: American History I

US History Syllabus – Fall 2020

Kenneally, Rm. #715

Email: ted.kenneally@carteretk12.org

Classroom phone: 726-1176, Ext. 344715


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Welcome to American History I

Our class this semester, whether honors or standard,  will be like no other.  We will have about 12-weeks of instruction, and coincidentally we have 12-chapters in our text to cover.  You will be responsible for one chapter per week.  All assessments will take place on the days you are in class.  Then while home on your virtual days it will be imperative that you put the time in needed to be prepared for the next in-person class. 


Our semester will follow the following pacing guide:


Week 1: Ch.1, Prehistory

Week 2: Ch.2, European Colonies Established

Week 3: Ch.3, American Colonies Take Shape

Week 4: Ch.4, American Revolution

Week 5: Ch.5, Creating the Constitution

Week 6: Ch.6, The New Republic

Week 7: Ch.7, Nationalism and Sectionalism

Week 8: Ch.8, Religion and Reform

Week 9: Ch.9, Manifest Destiny

Week 10: Ch.10, The Union in Crisis

Week 11: Ch.11, The Civil War

Week 12: Ch.12, The Reconstruction Era


Grade: 50% Homework, 50% Assessments


Regarding in-class expectations, if it is in the WCHS Student Handbook it will be followed in my classroom.  Due to the heightened awareness in regards to maintaining a safe and healthy school environment, there will be less patience this semester for behaviors that conflict with the handbook.  Regardless of the unconventional environment we are in this semester, I am very excited to be back in the classroom with my students. 



Online textbook access link: 



Username: amhist1kenneally

Password: Patriots#20



Mr. Kenneally contact info:


email: ted.kenneally@carteretk12.org


Classroom Phone and VM: 252-726-1176, Ext. 344715